Learning to look – Life sketches

Some of Andrew’s Sketches


Every week in West London, a life drawing group meet in a room above a pub to draw together.

The people who attend are from varied walks of life, spanning all ages, using whatever medium they prefer, to practice their life drawing and sharing this common interest. There is no judging of ability or style.



The group of sketchers includes artists, a handful of architects, actors, students building up portfolios, and in particular, one elderly lady who always makes the journey whatever the weather. No matter how knowledgable or experienced each sketcher is, sharing their interest and simply accessing this inclusive group is invaluable.


The exercise of life drawing is to remind us that we need to look and observe. Key knowledge of anatomy, the skeleton and muscle structure is considered important in understanding form and how this relates to perspective which clearly can produce good classical drawings. However this can, at times, restrict fluidity and expression, especially for those that attend the group who simply want to enjoy the opportunity to draw with freedom. The sketches from the group are inspiring and above all, honest.

figure021 figure032


The poses of the model vary from a few brief 5 minute positions, building up to 30 minutes.


The location also has the added bonus that there is access to a pint or a coffee during the sitters break, allowing the sketchers the opportunity to meet each other.


A former cabinet maker arranges these popular meetings and also organises a Cafe Sketchers group.

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