The Promise - Oil on Canvas - 22" x 30"

AAF Hong Kong with Panter and Hall

The Affordable Art Fair will be setting up for the 2014 Spring show in Hong Kong over the next couple of weeks.  Andrew’s work will be exhibiting here, represented by The Panter and Hall Gallery, Pall Mall, London, UK.

Venus and Adonis - 32" x 40" SOLD
Venus and Adonis – 32″ x 40″ SOLD

His large scale still life paintings will be showing alongside landscapes by Chris Bushe RSW and Luke Martineau, abstracts by Emma Williams and not forgetting Mark Demsteaders’ popular figurative works.

The Show will be running from 21st to the 23rd March 2014.

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  1. Hi Andrew

    hey your posts seems really good “Returning again to the cupcakes, the scones’ work and the chocolate slice; Dignity (originally named *Cake or Death), exhibiting with the Unix Gallery in Miami, and discussed in our earlier Art Basel post, these paintings are part of a continuation with the development of Andrew’s larger scale pieces” and the way to create food stuffs in oil paintings, is really unique.

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