Devil in the detail – a selection of Cake Paintings

Cake or Cake 2013

Now dry and ready for the New Year, here are some of Andrew’s cake paintings which will be showing over the coming months.

DETAIL – Cake or cake

Returning again to the cupcakes, the scones’ work and the chocolate slice; Dignity (originally named *Cake or Death), exhibiting with the Unix Gallery in Miami, and discussed in our earlier Art Basel post, these paintings are part of a continuation with the development of Andrew’s larger scale pieces.

Cherry Velvet, Oil on Canvas, 81cm x 81cm SOLD


Some areas of the work are beginning to show how Andrew is now focusing on the relationship between detail, space and edges. He intends to use abstraction to explore how the eye sees or interprets the holistic image.

Scone V, Oil on Canvas, 61cm x 76cm. (SOLD)

With so many subjects and ideas to develop this should be a very interesting and busy year.

Dignity at the Unix Gallery: 

cake or death - Oil on Canvas - Sold

* The title, ‘Cake or Death’ was inspired from a sketch by the comedian and actor Eddie Izzard, please see:

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