Medici Gallery Exhibition

Andrew Holmes’ paintings have been well received at the Still Life show running until 8th July ’14.

The show includes a wide variety pieces from Pierre-Yves Russo’s paintings on Copper Plate alongside Jo Barrett, Barbara Richardson RBA, Tom Hughes and Anna Paik.

We were really pleased with the Lemon Meringue, a delicate pastry which, as a painting subject, provided an image with powerful form.

Lemon Meringue, Oil on Canvas, 61 x 61cm
Lemon Meringue, Oil on Canvas, 61cm sq (sold)

Andrew wanted to explore the contrasts of colour and dynamics of light, so, the making of the original meringue required care and considerable time to achieve good colour and consistencyFortunately it was delicious, and well worth the effort in every sense. 

The Medici Gallery has since relocated to Islington, due to the redevelopment  works in Cork Street.

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