Still life at Frivoli

Cherry Velvet – 81x81cm – SOLD

Over the following months the Frivoli Gallery is showing a selection of Andrew Holmes’s still life paintings of which the subject matter is food.

So far, we gather that the large painting of Chips became quite a conversation piece during it’s short time in the window.  The Frivoli Gallery owner, Hazel, is inspired by her early love of sculpture and ceramics and as such, she has a keen understanding of shape and form garnered from many years designing and dressing film sets. Hazel used beautiful handmade ceramic lamps to light the Chips from below and the entire window glowed.

ROI 2009
Some Chips, Oil on Canvas. (SOLD)

Andrew only painted four large studies of Chips, this is the last piece in the subject and having met the collector, we are delighted that this painting has found a lovely home. 

The choice of subject Andrew selects to paint is varied. He focuses on particular features within an image and is interested to explore the way the tones and light in those specific elements can be expressed. The “eating” studies are observations of everyday food, in which he sees and hopes to evoke a potentially previously unconsidered, albeit familiar memory. 

The dialogue between art and food, much like art and literature or music for example, arguably exists. On the simplest level, we refer to the “palette” in an aesthetic appreciation of presentation and every piece of art is, naturally, subjective to individual “taste”.

Although controversial, it can be an argued that if a piece of art is an arresting image, in part, the artist has at least engaged the viewer and prompted discussion. These paintings are not designed or intended to achieve such a heightened narrative however, Andrew nevertheless enjoys hearing about the conversation and thoughts the paintings initiate and hopes that in the process, they raise an occasional smile.

beans on toast - oil on canvas - 40cm sq
beans on toast – oil on canvas – 40cm sq (sold)

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