Studies of Water – Painted in Oils

The more recent series of Andrew Holmes’s studies of “water with dog swimming” are nearing completion.

These paintings make up part of a larger body of work which Andrew has been focusing on over the past few months, covering the subject of ‘water and swimmers’ in a variety of spaces and locations.

dark water - oil on panel - 50 x 40cm
dark water – oil on panel – 50 x 40cm

When Andrew approaches each painting, a different challenge is presented. In particular, this is true when abstracting the darker water in the image dark water (above), where he seeks to summarise the amount of painted information that is needed.

dog swimming with stick, oil on panel, 60 x 80cm

In choosing a wider composition for the painting, dog swimming with stick, (seen above), the foreground greenery was introduced, which offered additional detail and hues; this has provided Andrew a valuable opportunity to further develop the more simplified style that he’s currently exploring.

In his work, Andrew hopes to employ a depth and simple expression to describe a sense of place, and undertaking these paintings demanded that he question and examine the relevance of the extra contextual element, for example, how much of this would he acknowledge, whilst maintaining the quiet, reflective nature of the overall piece.

dog retrieving stick - Oil on Panel - 50 x 60cm
dog retrieving stick – Oil on Panel – 50 x 60cm

A selection of these paintings were received by the Panter and Hall Gallery yesterday, and are to be included in their 2014 Mixed Christmas Exhibition.


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