ROI – Annual Exhibition – 2014

A Bathing -oil on panel – 50x60cm

Two quite different subjects.

Two pieces Andrew submitted to the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Society (ROI) have been accepted for their annual exhibition, the subjects cover his still life work and a more recent study of a bather. Although these pieces differ in theme, the painted style is clearly in Andrew’s hand, demonstrating the simpler clean palette he favours.

B bathing- oil on panel - 50 x 60 cms
B bathing- oil on panel – 50cm x 60 cm

A bathing – shown above, was originally a partner to the B bathing painting – below – which is currently exhibiting with the Panter and Hall Gallery, located in Pall Mall, just behind the Mall Galleries, where the ROI exhibition will be previewing on December 9th, 2014.

Cake or Death , oil on canvas, 40" x 32"
Cake or Death , oil on canvas, 40″ x 32″ SOLD

Andrew spent some time revisiting the larger still life piece – Cake or Death, shown below, and discussed in an earlier post.

The Mall Galleries has been run by the Federation of British Artists, (FBA), for many years and consists of eight British art societies.

The ROI is one of the older of these societies, founded in 1882 and granted its Royal status by King Edward VII in 1909. They host a variety of workshops and one exhibition in December each year, a mixed event celebrating several members archive pieces and more recent work, alongside selected non member submissions. 

We love making the trip to the Mall and now Christmas wouldn’t be the same without visiting the annual show which will be open from the 10th Dec and running to 21st Dec 2014.

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