New Work – lighting the dark

Further studies of bathers.

Andrew Holmes figurative work is further developing his enquiry into observations of life subjects in relation to a space and has continued with more abstract examination using contrasts and the consequent effect.

What we see, or chose to focus on is unique to each individual and why or how the aesthetic appeals or not continues to fascinate Andrew.

Andrew has been working with various components of an image and by employing a variety of elements, these have provided a new and intriguing thread of thought. In abstracting an image Andrew finds he can gain an alternative appreciation of the more relevant aspects, specifically in connection to the surrounding location and how this bears relevance to an image.

Some freedom from the usual constraints of the more traditional approach combines Andrew’s interest in both the conceptual and the more conventional methods of expression.

This recent painting – rock pool bathers – is one of several works which will be showing later this month.  

rock pool bathers - oil on panel - 50cm x 60cm
rock pool bathers – oil on panel – 50cm x 60cm (Sold)

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