Discerning Eye 2015

The Discerning Eye annual exhibition is a show of small works opening this week.

Work for this exhibition is selected from open submission and from artists invited by six prominent figures from different areas of the art world: two artists, two collectors and two critics. Each individual selector curates work by their invited artists alongside the successful selected submissions. 

French fashion designer Nicole Farhi CBE, who more recently has developed her own interests in sculpture and Emma Bridge­water, founder of the eponymous pottery, represent the artists. Larry Lamb, a well-known actor and Stephen Doherty, Director of Visitor Communications for Somerset House, are this years two collectors and they will all co curate this show alongside critics Steve Pill, the editor of Artists & Illustrators magazine and Stephen Snoddy, Gallery Director of The New Art Gallery in Walsall.

Each selector’s section is hung separately giving the impression of six small exhibitions within the whole.

Andrew was delighted to be invited by Steve Pill to be part of this show. Steve has expressed an interest in his work and in particular the bather pieces. With this in mind Andrew has painted Em Bathing, an oil on panel for Steve’s wall. This study encouraged a further development of earlier works, in particular A bathing and B bathing, where Andrew is exploring the relationship between light within dark in combination with the techniques he has employed when working on different subjects.

Em bathing, oil on panel, 40cm x 50cm. (Sold)
Em bathing, oil on panel, 40cm x 50cm. (Sold)

The art critic Brian Sewell who recently died aged 84 was a key figure in the founding of The Discerning Eye and was the only person who was a selector more than once  said “I was here right at the beginning of it … and I’m sentimentally deeply attached to it because Michael Reynolds, whose inspired idea it was, was an old friend”. He will be greatly missed.

To find out more about the organisation behind this exhibition please see: http://www.discerningeye.org/about/intro/intro.php

The exhibition will be opening  in Central London at the Mall Galleries on Thursday 12th November for 10 days from 10am to 5pm and entrance is free.

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