An Exhibition of Small Works – ING Discerning Eye 2016

Untitled AP12 (White head and dress)

The selectors of Andrew Holmes’ paintings showing in this years Discerning Eye Exhibition were finally revealed at the Artists Preview evening on Thursday the 17th November. Two pieces of work by Andrew were chosen to be included, each by the two artists who were on the selectors panel: Dan Coombes and Chris Orr, RA.

Andrew’s painting; Untitled AP12 (White head and dress), features on Chris Orr’s pages in the catalogue next to Gormley’s Dog by Michael Barrett and Helen Davidson’s Little Sprats (Great White) – an excellent example of how different styles can sit so well together. Please see:

This years exhibition includes the largest selection of artworks ever accepted. Out of over two thousand submitted works, there were a total of seven hundred and twenty-four pieces by four hundred and three artists exhibited.  So the Gallery was ‘packed to the gunnels’ with artists and visitors. Although difficult at times to stand back to view the overall hanging, because the size of any submitted piece was limited, this allowed most work enough access to view individually.

ING Discerning Eye Exhibition Preview
ING Discerning Eye Exhibition Preview

We may also try to make a second visit when a little quieter!

Dan Coombes selected only one piece from any artist and he made an engaging speech, stressing the importance of the inclusive approach this exhibition has and so Andrew was very pleased to see Woman in white dress on his wall.

AB Holmes - Untitled AP12 - Oil on Paper - 41cm x 31cm SOLD
AB Holmes – Untitled AP12 – Oil on Paper – 41cm x 31cm SOLD

What was clear about the overall show is how very varied and interesting the artworks were and how well the curation and hanging complimented these.


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