Links and Press

Please see below, a list of the Galleries currently exhibiting Andrew Holmes work, together with a selection of Press Articles:

Thompson’s Galleries,Cavendish Street, London,WI:

The Panter and Hall Gallery, Pall Mall, London, SW1:

The Alexander Gallery, Bath:

The Medici Gallery, Cork Street, London, W1:

Frivoli Gallery, London, W4:

The Blackheath Gallery:

Jack House Gallery, Old Portsmouth:

Dornie Gallery, Inverness, Scotland:

Online Articles

Art to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

“Inspired by human nature and the sensory experience of consuming sweets, Andrew Holmes paints images of doughnuts, cakes, and strawberry-topped pastries with skilled hyperrealism. Through dexterous brushstrokes and an adept handling of paint, he transforms decadent food items into objects of desire, intrigue, and nostalgia. In a work where he depicts a stack of doughnuts oozing jelly, the implied associations with gluttony and decadence are forgotten due to his inspired treatment of color, light, and negative space.”

 Found on Artsy :


Artists & illustrators Magazine, Nov 2014

Artists & Illustrators Magazine - Nov 2014
Artists & Illustrators Magazine – Nov 2014

Artists and Illustrators magazine, August 1994

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