Mall Galleries – new online gallery

For many years The Mall Galleries have actively supported both established and emerging artists offering a wonderful space in Central London where various exhibitions take place.

More recently they have set up a new online gallery to showcase many of the regular contributors to their exhibitions and we were delighted to have been invited to have some of Andrew Holmes’ works included. He submitted a few paintings from his studies of bathers and dogs in water and below are a couple of examples their curator selected.

boy bathing IV – Oil – 40cm x40cm
Sunday – Oil – 50cm x 50 cm

Home to the Federation of British Artists, (FBA),  the Mall Galleries space is very well designed and in a fabulous location in the heart of Central London – situated on the Mall – next to Admiralty Arch and Trafalgar Square, opposite St James Park and with stunning views down the Mall to Buckingham Palace, across to Westminster and the London Eye.

The variety of exhibitions held at the Mall Galleries showcase traditional techniques along with more contemporary and dynamic works. They provide helpful advice and an informed service for collectors, together with valuable support for artists.

dog carrying stick – oil on board – 40cm x 40cm

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Royal Institute of OiI Painters – 2016 Exhibition

AB Holmes – searcher, Oil on Panel, 40cm x 50cm

Opening next week at the Mall Galleries in Central London, the Royal Institute of OiI Painters (ROI) will be showing this year’s selection of members’ paintings  together with just over one hundred pieces chosen from the open submission to be included in the exhibition. The selections were made earlier in the autumn.

Andrew Holmes’s painting of a bather – searcher – will be showing in this year’s selection and we were delighted to receive this notification. The Mall Galleries offers a wonderful exhibition space, benefitting from recently refurbishment including a raised ceiling and lighting system which provides visitors an excellent opportunity to view the artworks at their best. To add to the experience, the gallery is located in a most beautiful area of London.

It’s always lovely to have an excuse to drop by and especially to enjoy the stunning christmas lights London has on display at this time of the year. However, we’re particularly looking forward to visiting the Preview on the evening of the 29th, as we will be joined by good friends, artists Aldo Balding and Sarah Spence, who also have paintings selected to be in the exhibition.

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The ROI is a long established Art Institution with many well-known artists listed in their membership and this exhibition allows the members to further engage with and encourage new artists. They say:

“The Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition has a well earned reputation for attracting highly exciting young exhibitors, alongside the much admired, more established member artists. This year the trend will continue, with new artists and new discoveries waiting to be made.

The exhibition is open from November 30th to the 11th of December gives visitors the opportunity to see the many and varied ways in which artists use oil paint today, from a traditional approach to this highly technical media through to more innovative uses of material, style and content.”

For more information regarding all the artwork showing over the following 10 days please see:

AB Holmes-searcher, Oil on Panel, 40cm x 50cm
AB Holmes-searcher, Oil on Panel, 40cm x 50cm – SOLD

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In Water

A selection of more recent paintings in Andrew Holmes series of people in water will be showing over the next few days with Panter and Hall at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea.

Rock Pool Boys - oil on panel - 50cm x 40 cm
Rock Pool Boys – oil on panel – 50cm x 40 cm SOLD

In these paintings Andrew continues to examine how light and contrast play such a significant role in how we perceive an image – where the abstract element has relevance in these works.

The “happy accidents” occasionally quoted usually occur when applying paint but a momentary image can offer a great opportunity to further explore our perception.

Pool Pole Boy - oil on board - 60cm x 50 cm
Pool Pole Boy – oil on board – 60cm x 50 cm

In Pool Pole Boy , this provided Andrew a perspective which encourages enquiry: where is the subject placed and why is the reflection so vague?

Rock pool boy - oil on panel - 40 cm x 50 cm
Rock pool boy – oil on panel – 40 cm x 50 cm
Vespertine - oil on linen - 46cm x 33cm
Vespertine – oil on linen – 46cm x 33cm

For Andrew, these paintings are predominately an exploration in the role of contrasts.

We recently visited the Royal Academy’s latest main exhibition – Abstract Expressionism – and the show is a wonderful example of how we emotionally engage with works, no matter how we personally respond, this highlights how very effective abstract pieces can be.  We highly recommend  a trip to see this.

the end of summer - oil on panel - 40cm x 40cm
the end of summer – oil on panel – 40cm x 40cm

Moments observed and then reflected in a painting present challenges for any artist to then describe that sense of time and place but more importantly to portray the personal state.

The Affordable Art Fair opens on Wednesday 19th October with a charity preview and will be open to the public from the 20th until the 24th October.

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Discerning Eye 2015

The Discerning Eye annual exhibition is a show of small works opening this week.

Work for this exhibition is selected from open submission and from artists invited by six prominent figures from different areas of the art world: two artists, two collectors and two critics. Each individual selector curates work by their invited artists alongside the successful selected submissions. 

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New Work – lighting the dark

Further studies of bathers.

Andrew Holmes figurative work is further developing his enquiry into observations of life subjects in relation to a space and has continued with more abstract examination using contrasts and the consequent effect.

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Democratic Beach

AB Holmes – searcher – Oil on Panel, 40cm x 50cm

The Jack House Gallery in Old Portsmouth previewed a new exhibition this week featuring Andrew Holmes Bathers and Studies in Water.

Sunday boys, oil on panel, 40cm x 40cm
bathers sketch IV. charcoal &acrylic on layered mylar. 31cm x 41cm

Timed to co-incide with the opening day of the America’s Cup Challenge, the area was teeming with yachtsman and sailing enthusiasts, the water awash with sailsDespite some inclement weather we hope everyone enjoyed the events that took place and congratulate the teams for their determination.

Old Town, Portsmouth’s heritage and legacy is rooted in the dockyard, known for the early convict resettlement ships and the port where Nelson set sail for the battle of Trafalgar.

In recognition of the first Convict resettlement ship leaving Portsmouth Harbour

The Cathedral, tucked away behind the sea wall was first constructed in the 12th century, the original spire doubling as a lighthouse. Now a substantial building after several adaptations and additions – well worth a visit while in the area.


Portsmouth was the the birthplace of both the writer Charles Dickens and the actor Peter Sellars. Not forgetting fellow artist and good friend, Aldo Balding – )

Bather II – oil on panel – 40cm x 40cm

As an artist, collaborating with new Gallerists requires traveling to previously unexplored places. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning more about this town and meeting the people in the area.

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Works on Paper – bathers

Over recent months, Andrew has further explored some earlier ideas of bathers on paper.

 Initially only intended to be studies for the bather subjects on panel, as Andrew explored various mediums, this became an interesting process where several pieces have evolved into “stand alone” works.

bathers sketch IV. charcoal & acrylic on layered mylar. 31cm x 41cm
bathers sketch IV. charcoal and acrylic on layered mylar. 31cm x 41cm

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