Aubergine Gallery – Wimbledon

A selection of Andrew Holmes still life paintings of cakes are currently showing with The Aubergine Gallery in Wimbledon.

Cherry Ice - oil on paper - 23cm x 29cm
Cherry Ice – oil on paper – 23cm x 29cm
Doughnut II – oil on paper – 30cm x 40cm

Andrew’s cake and food paintings have always been a subject for which he is well known.

Whilst he continues to explore the figurative pieces, he regularly revisits the vocabulary of still life. This provides Andrew some objectivity; a different viewpoint which, in turn, then helps him to examine his interpretation of detail and how his style has been influenced as he progresses.

pin-up in soft focus - oil on canvas - 50cm x 50cm
pin-up in soft focus – oil on canvas – 50cm x 50cm

The works now showing with Aubergine are a selection of the more traditional approach together with his newer, more abstract pieces.

Oil Sketch on Paper 02
Oil Sketch on Paper 02

The Aubergine Gallery lists a number of interesting artists’ work, covering  paintings in oils, acrylics and watercolours, alongside works in glass.

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The Alexander Gallery

Some recent paintings of cakes and desserts have been forwarded to the Alexander Gallery in Bath.

Scone VI, Oil on Canvas, 61cm x 71cm. Andrew Holmes
Scone VI, Oil on Canvas, 61cm x 71cm. Andrew Holmes

In these studies, although the overall image appears to have a high finish, Andrew has focused in areas of the painting by limiting the detail where he considers it to be the most effective and more relevant.

Lemon Meringue, Oil on Canvas, 51cm x 51cm (SOLD)
Lemon Meringue, Oil on Canvas, 51cm x 51cm, (SOLD)


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A fresh eye

Revisiting a painting.

Andrew’s aim is to impart the simplest visual information. His enquiry is as much about the abstract element in the paint, to provide just enough detail and to avoid unnecessary distractions.

cake or death - Oil on Canvas
cake or death – Original version

In an earlier painting, Cake or Death, Andrew reviewed the original background. With a fresh eye he repainted this and by removing the more textured background, he hopes this painting now has better clarity and more impact.

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Afternoon tea in Bath

The Historic city of Bath is best known for the stunning architecture, the Regency Crescents, and for the Roman Baths, Pump Rooms and Spa; recently updated with a well-considered Modernist extension which eloquently enhances the original building.



Bath has always attracted visitors from every corner of the world and it never disappoints. Light sandstone is used as the local building material which lifts and enhances the elegant architecture, taking it’s lead from the early Roman influence.


Andrew Holmes series of Venice paintings compliments and connects this structural history and have been welcomed at the Alexander Gallery over the past few months. These landscapes represent the early work Andrew explored and continues to revisit. His objective is to further develop these classical views in his own hand, to introduce a more contemporary style and to combine this with exploring how they can be interpreted with other subject matters.

Andrew became interested in food images, where he applied this initial, more traditional painting style and is now, possibly best known for his images of cakes.

the last slice -Oil on Canvas - 16 x 20 inches
the last slice -Oil on Canvas – 16 x 20 inches SOLD

The Alexander Gallery have just received five new paintings focusing on this subject.

Bath is a beautiful city with a keen contemporary leaning; the surrounding countryside is quintessentially British and afternoon tea and cakes are synonymous with any visitor experience.

the gift – oil on canvas – 16 x 20 inches SOLD

Many artists are curious to experiment with an idea together with the medium they work with and Andrew is particularly drawn to how paints can be layered to achieve a simple dialogue.

Subjects that attract his attention are all derived from life and can therefore vary considerably, and although frustrating at times he thrives on the challenges these continually provide.


take the cake -oil on canvas – 32 x 40 inches, (SOLD)

The Alexander Gallery will be exhibiting a selection of Andrew Holmes work at the AAF in Bristol in September 2014.

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Still Life – detail and abstraction

There is an exhibition of Still life work scheduled at The Medici Gallery in Cork Street, London, next month, which will include some of Andrew Holmes’ work.

The show opens on June 10th and runs through to July 8th 2014.

The Gallery Curator has chosen a number of Andrew Holmes’ still life paintings to exhibit in this show and we are delighted with his selection as these demonstrate Andrew’s interest in his still life work and studies, illustrating the process of his more recent examination of the subject.

devils food 50x50
devils food 50cm x 50cm



cake or cake - 61cm x 76cm - Oil on canvas
cake or cake – 61cm x 76cm – Oil on canvas





In particular, the work in this show brings together ideas drawn from some of Andrew’s earlier paintings. We’re pleased to see how this collection provides a short dialogue of where he  focuses on developing a number of these subjects and hopefully this exhibition of paintings helps to put his journey and the progression more into context.

While appreciating the achievements in work devoted to both hyperrealist and classical art studies, Andrew is striving to bring together these elements and to combine this with an understanding gained over many years in producing graphic illustration, art and design.

His aim is to accomplish a visual language in a simple form, without allowing the pieces to be naive.

Pin -up - 1000cm x 800cm - Oil on Canvas
Pin -up – 1000cm x 800cm – Oil on Canvas


pin-up in soft focus 50x50
pin-up in soft focus -50cm x 50cm – Oil on Canvas





Already evident in some of the earlier larger scale pieces, by further editing the whole image and by expanding his detailed studies, Andrew is examining the more abstract elements of a subject. Encouraging the onlooker to engage and interact with the work.


songs of innocence - 150cm x 120cm - Oil on Canvas
songs of innocence – 150cm x 120cm – Oil on Canvas
Oil Sketch on Paper 01

Medici established their name in the art world over 100 years ago and have been based in Mayfair since 1908. The Gallery is well known for Contemporary Art, alongside many sucessful years reproducing high quality prints. They aim to hold up to ten collective shows per year, introducing sculpture, ceramics, sketches and paintings from emerging artists, alongside exhibiting work from recognised names and artwork from the secondary market.

Cork Street is right in the centre of London’s West End, sited behind Piccadilly and Savile Row,  renowned for the tailoring business, and for many years, a hub for Contemporary Art Galleries.

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Devil in the detail – a selection of Cake Paintings

Cake or Cake 2013

Now dry and ready for the New Year, here are some of Andrew’s cake paintings which will be showing over the coming months.

DETAIL – Cake or cake

Returning again to the cupcakes, the scones’ work and the chocolate slice; Dignity (originally named *Cake or Death), exhibiting with the Unix Gallery in Miami, and discussed in our earlier Art Basel post, these paintings are part of a continuation with the development of Andrew’s larger scale pieces.

Cherry Velvet, Oil on Canvas, 81cm x 81cm SOLD


Some areas of the work are beginning to show how Andrew is now focusing on the relationship between detail, space and edges. He intends to use abstraction to explore how the eye sees or interprets the holistic image.

Scone V, Oil on Canvas, 61cm x 76cm. (SOLD)

With so many subjects and ideas to develop this should be a very interesting and busy year.

Dignity at the Unix Gallery: 

cake or death - Oil on Canvas - Sold

* The title, ‘Cake or Death’ was inspired from a sketch by the comedian and actor Eddie Izzard, please see:

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Art Basel – Miami

Some of Andrew Holmes – ‘Eating Pieces’

The first week in December saw the start of Art Basel, the largest annual Art event in Miami.


‘Songs of Innocence’  – AB Holmes – Oil on Canvas, 122cm x 152cm

 In late 2012, the Unix Gallery, based in the lively Wynwood Arts District, approached Andrew and asked if they could commission a group of larger paintings of pastries.  Over several months he produced a selection of Andrew Holmes –‘Eating Pieces’ and a consignment was flown out to Unix for a solo show in May 2013.

These will remain with the gallery until June 2014, when they return to the UK.



We visited the Gallery and met the Unix Gallery’s Miami based Curator, last summer.

The Urban area where the Gallery is positioned exhibits a huge range of artworks and Andrew’s paintings hung at Unix alongside the works of Marcello Lo Giudice, Ingrid Dee Magidson, Alexi Torres and Desire Obtain Cherish, (DOC).


‘the promise of things to come’ –122 x 152cm and a smaller painting ‘tart’ – 41 x 51cm

We were told that Miami fills up with very interesting  people during Art Basel and the Wynwood Arts District attracts visitors from a diverse community of artists and collectors.


Unix relocated their main Gallery space to Chelsea, New York in late 2013.


‘it didn’t have to be like this’ – AB Holmes –  Oil on Canvas, 122cm x 152cm

In early 2014, The Unix Gallery profiled Andrew Holmes work on their Artsy pages, alongside the 3 dimensional pieces by Peter Anton and DOC, in an editorial post named ‘Art to satisfy your Sweet Tooth’ where they discuss the Unix Gallery’s interest in contemporary views of food and art.

This is an exert from this Unix Artsy post together with a link below to their full editorial listings:

“Inspired by human nature and the sensory experience of consuming sweets, Andrew Holmes paints images of doughnuts, cakes, and strawberry-topped pastries with skilled hyperrealism. Through dexterous brushstrokes and an adept handling of paint, he transforms decadent food items into objects of desire, intrigue, and nostalgia. In a work where he depicts a stack of doughnuts oozing jelly, the implied associations with gluttony and decadence are forgotten due to his inspired treatment of color, light, and negative space.”

Editorial by Alex Cesaria.

Cake or Death‘ * – Oil on Canvas 81cm x 102cm  
* The title, ‘Cake or Death’ was inspired from a sketch by the comedian and actor Eddie Izzard, please see:

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