‘The Cakes are Back’ – at the Alexander Gallery in Bath

Together with some of this year’s figure studies.

Andrew Holmes cake paintings have been well-received in Bath, a beautiful, historic city with an abundance of tea shops and varied eateries. He painted Aphrodite and Adonis and I am a donut earlier in the year and they are making their debut in a location which feels very appropriate.

Aphrodite and Adonis – oil on panel – 28ins x 40ins

The owner of the Alexander Gallery recently forwarded a photograph of a few of Andrew’s works which he’d placed in the window of the gallery, providing an eye-catching and welcoming winter display.

untitled figure 7 - oil on canvas - 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 7 – oil on canvas – 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 9- oil on canvas - 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 9- oil on canvas – 51cm x 41cm

A selection of the girls in white dress series is exhibiting alongside the cakes over the winter season as well. We are thrilled to see how well the artworks complement each other in this elegant setting.

These studies exemplify Andrew’s interest in how a contemporary approach to traditional style combines with the context of how we perceive and appreciate aesthetics.

cake cake more cake - 70 x 100cm - oil on panel
cake cake more cake – 70 x 100cm – oil on panel

The gallery in Bath is in an excellent location, central for visitors to enjoy the wonderful architecture Bath offers and browse the shops, together with such a rich and abundant choice of good places to eat.

I am a doughnut -oil on panel - 61cm x 81cm
I am a doughnut -oil on panel – 61cm x 81cm SOLD

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Thompson’s Gallery – Still, Not Static

For the next couple of weeks Andrew Holmes is showing a small group of cake paintings in Marylebone, Central London.

Devon - 51 x 61cm - oil on canvas
Devon – 51 x 61cm – oil on canvas SOLD

‘Still, Not Static’ includes sculptures by  Andrew Lacey, Johannes Von Stumm and Vanessa Pooley, paintings by Peter Kelly, Terence Clarke and Serena Rowe, to name a few. Tony de Wolf’s detailed work is a development of his studies in the techniques of the Flemish Masters and his paintings have hung beside Andrew’s work in other still life exhibitions.

Andrew is delighted to have been invited to take part in this show.

Thompson’s Gallery was established in 1982 in Aldeburgh, Suffolk by John and Sue Thompson. In 1991 they expanded with an additional gallery in the West End situated on New Cavendish Street between Marylebone High Street and the renowned medical destination of Harley Street.

The ‘Still, Not Static’ exhibition will continue until the end of January 2016

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ROI – Annual Exhibition – 2014

A Bathing -oil on panel – 50x60cm

Two quite different subjects.

Two pieces Andrew submitted to the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Society (ROI) have been accepted for their annual exhibition, the subjects cover his still life work and a more recent study of a bather. Although these pieces differ in theme, the painted style is clearly in Andrew’s hand, demonstrating the simpler clean palette he favours.

B bathing- oil on panel - 50 x 60 cms
B bathing- oil on panel – 50cm x 60 cm

A bathing – shown above, was originally a partner to the B bathing painting – below – which is currently exhibiting with the Panter and Hall Gallery, located in Pall Mall, just behind the Mall Galleries, where the ROI exhibition will be previewing on December 9th, 2014.

Cake or Death , oil on canvas, 40" x 32"
Cake or Death , oil on canvas, 40″ x 32″ SOLD

Andrew spent some time revisiting the larger still life piece – Cake or Death, shown below, and discussed in an earlier post.

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A fresh eye

Revisiting a painting.

Andrew’s aim is to impart the simplest visual information. His enquiry is as much about the abstract element in the paint, to provide just enough detail and to avoid unnecessary distractions.

cake or death - Oil on Canvas
cake or death – Original version

In an earlier painting, Cake or Death, Andrew reviewed the original background. With a fresh eye he repainted this and by removing the more textured background, he hopes this painting now has better clarity and more impact.

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Art Basel – Miami

Some of Andrew Holmes – ‘Eating Pieces’

The first week in December saw the start of Art Basel, the largest annual Art event in Miami.


‘Songs of Innocence’  – AB Holmes – Oil on Canvas, 122cm x 152cm

 In late 2012, the Unix Gallery, based in the lively Wynwood Arts District, approached Andrew and asked if they could commission a group of larger paintings of pastries.  Over several months he produced a selection of Andrew Holmes –‘Eating Pieces’ and a consignment was flown out to Unix for a solo show in May 2013.

These will remain with the gallery until June 2014, when they return to the UK.



We visited the Gallery and met the Unix Gallery’s Miami based Curator, last summer.

The Urban area where the Gallery is positioned exhibits a huge range of artworks and Andrew’s paintings hung at Unix alongside the works of Marcello Lo Giudice, Ingrid Dee Magidson, Alexi Torres and Desire Obtain Cherish, (DOC).


‘the promise of things to come’ –122 x 152cm and a smaller painting ‘tart’ – 41 x 51cm

We were told that Miami fills up with very interesting  people during Art Basel and the Wynwood Arts District attracts visitors from a diverse community of artists and collectors.


Unix relocated their main Gallery space to Chelsea, New York in late 2013.


‘it didn’t have to be like this’ – AB Holmes –  Oil on Canvas, 122cm x 152cm

In early 2014, The Unix Gallery profiled Andrew Holmes work on their Artsy pages, alongside the 3 dimensional pieces by Peter Anton and DOC, in an editorial post named ‘Art to satisfy your Sweet Tooth’ where they discuss the Unix Gallery’s interest in contemporary views of food and art.

This is an exert from this Unix Artsy post together with a link below to their full editorial listings:

“Inspired by human nature and the sensory experience of consuming sweets, Andrew Holmes paints images of doughnuts, cakes, and strawberry-topped pastries with skilled hyperrealism. Through dexterous brushstrokes and an adept handling of paint, he transforms decadent food items into objects of desire, intrigue, and nostalgia. In a work where he depicts a stack of doughnuts oozing jelly, the implied associations with gluttony and decadence are forgotten due to his inspired treatment of color, light, and negative space.”

Editorial by Alex Cesaria.


Cake or Death‘ * – Oil on Canvas 81cm x 102cm  
* The title, ‘Cake or Death’ was inspired from a sketch by the comedian and actor Eddie Izzard, please see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZVjKlBCvhg

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