Mall Galleries – new online gallery

For many years The Mall Galleries have actively supported both established and emerging artists offering a wonderful space in Central London where various exhibitions take place.

More recently they have set up a new online gallery to showcase many of the regular contributors to their exhibitions and we were delighted to have been invited to have some of Andrew Holmes’ works included. He submitted a few paintings from his studies of bathers and dogs in water and below are a couple of examples their curator selected.

boy bathing IV – Oil – 40cm x40cm
Sunday – Oil – 50cm x 50 cm

Home to the Federation of British Artists, (FBA),  the Mall Galleries space is very well designed and in a fabulous location in the heart of Central London – situated on the Mall – next to Admiralty Arch and Trafalgar Square, opposite St James Park and with stunning views down the Mall to Buckingham Palace, across to Westminster and the London Eye.

The variety of exhibitions held at the Mall Galleries showcase traditional techniques along with more contemporary and dynamic works. They provide helpful advice and an informed service for collectors, together with valuable support for artists.

dog carrying stick – oil on board – 40cm x 40cm

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Royal Institute of OiI Painters – 2016 Exhibition

AB Holmes – searcher, Oil on Panel, 40cm x 50cm

Opening next week at the Mall Galleries in Central London, the Royal Institute of OiI Painters (ROI) will be showing this year’s selection of members’ paintings  together with just over one hundred pieces chosen from the open submission to be included in the exhibition. The selections were made earlier in the autumn.

Andrew Holmes’s painting of a bather – searcher – will be showing in this year’s selection and we were delighted to receive this notification. The Mall Galleries offers a wonderful exhibition space, benefitting from recently refurbishment including a raised ceiling and lighting system which provides visitors an excellent opportunity to view the artworks at their best. To add to the experience, the gallery is located in a most beautiful area of London.

It’s always lovely to have an excuse to drop by and especially to enjoy the stunning christmas lights London has on display at this time of the year. However, we’re particularly looking forward to visiting the Preview on the evening of the 29th, as we will be joined by good friends, artists Aldo Balding and Sarah Spence, who also have paintings selected to be in the exhibition.

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The ROI is a long established Art Institution with many well-known artists listed in their membership and this exhibition allows the members to further engage with and encourage new artists. They say:

“The Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition has a well earned reputation for attracting highly exciting young exhibitors, alongside the much admired, more established member artists. This year the trend will continue, with new artists and new discoveries waiting to be made.

The exhibition is open from November 30th to the 11th of December gives visitors the opportunity to see the many and varied ways in which artists use oil paint today, from a traditional approach to this highly technical media through to more innovative uses of material, style and content.”

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AB Holmes-searcher, Oil on Panel, 40cm x 50cm
AB Holmes-searcher, Oil on Panel, 40cm x 50cm – SOLD

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An Exhibition of Small Works – ING Discerning Eye 2016

Untitled AP12 (White head and dress)

The selectors of Andrew Holmes’ paintings showing in this years Discerning Eye Exhibition were finally revealed at the Artists Preview evening on Thursday the 17th November. Two pieces of work by Andrew were chosen to be included, each by the two artists who were on the selectors panel: Dan Coombes and Chris Orr, RA.

Andrew’s painting; Untitled AP12 (White head and dress), features on Chris Orr’s pages in the catalogue next to Gormley’s Dog by Michael Barrett and Helen Davidson’s Little Sprats (Great White) – an excellent example of how different styles can sit so well together. Please see:

This years exhibition includes the largest selection of artworks ever accepted. Out of over two thousand submitted works, there were a total of seven hundred and twenty-four pieces by four hundred and three artists exhibited.  So the Gallery was ‘packed to the gunnels’ with artists and visitors. Although difficult at times to stand back to view the overall hanging, because the size of any submitted piece was limited, this allowed most work enough access to view individually.

ING Discerning Eye Exhibition Preview
ING Discerning Eye Exhibition Preview

We may also try to make a second visit when a little quieter!

Dan Coombes selected only one piece from any artist and he made an engaging speech, stressing the importance of the inclusive approach this exhibition has and so Andrew was very pleased to see Woman in white dress on his wall.

AB Holmes - Untitled AP12 - Oil on Paper - 41cm x 31cm SOLD
AB Holmes – Untitled AP12 – Oil on Paper – 41cm x 31cm SOLD

What was clear about the overall show is how very varied and interesting the artworks were and how well the curation and hanging complimented these.


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ING Discerning Eye 2016

This exhibition attracts some of the most interesting and varied artworks each year because the selectors are drawn from so many different areas of the art world. The works submitted cover a diverse range and styles, inclusive of the traditional approach but with a strong focus on contemporary pieces.

Andrew was very happy to have been introduced to and invited to exhibit a painting there last year by Steve Pill, Artists and Illustration magazine Editor. Steve was one of the six Discerning Eye judges for 2015 and Andrew’s painting Em Bathing was hung in his selection.

As the deadline drew nearer for the 2016 submissions, Andrew was keen to submit some work to see if these would stand up to the selection process. This can be an extremely useful way to test new ideas and concepts in the ever moving contemporary art world and to gauge how your work is received by a larger audience. Although, some artists are often reluctant to apply, not only due to the costs but because their work can be a very personal reflection and we remind ourselves that whilst it is an honour to be included, a great many excellent paintings, sculptures and photographs can slip past the judges when they have only a short time to make a decision. One key area which holds Andrew’s interest is in the aesthetic, within context, so he finds submitting works is an extremely helpful way to explore this further.

By limiting the size of works for this particular exhibition however, more works can be displayed and with the variety of selectors in many ways it becomes far more inclusive. The result is a show which offers the audience great energy.

This year’s selectors were made up from two established artists; Dan Coombs and Chris Orr RA. The collectors are both well known and very accomplished: actress, Celia Imrie and Ian Mayes QC, alongside Michael Glover and Sacha Craddock, representing the art critics .

Andrew B Holmes Untiltled - oil on paper - 41 x 31cm
Andrew B Holmes Untiltled – oil on paper – 41 x 31cm
AB Holmes - Untitled 02 - Oil on Paper - 41cm x 31cm
AB Holmes – Untitled 02 – Oil on Paper – 41cm x 31cm SOLD

Andrew submitted two paintings in oil on paper which we were very pleased to hear have been successful and will be included in the 2016 exhibition this autumn.

These studies of Girls – which have been discussed briefly earlier this year in his post Andrew B Holmes recent work – make up a larger body of studies and paintings currently being explored in the studio.

Andrew says: “I’m interested in how contextualising any form of art influences our perception of it and, using a formal and uncomplicated approach to place them into an ambiguous context, the paintings of generic young women are my oblique  and generic view of beauty. In working with both figurative and non-representational content, my practice is centred on an interest in the human condition and an inquiry into aesthetic appreciation.”

The link between the more abstract paintings and the detailed works, employing elements of traditional practice, is connecting more as these develop.

We are excited to know who has selected Andrew’s work for their wall but will have to wait to hear further news.

The 2016 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition will be the 25th show and it will open to the public at the Mall Galleries on Thursday 17 November and run until Sunday 27 November. Admission will be free and all works will be for sale.

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Discerning Eye 2015

The Discerning Eye annual exhibition is a show of small works opening this week.

Work for this exhibition is selected from open submission and from artists invited by six prominent figures from different areas of the art world: two artists, two collectors and two critics. Each individual selector curates work by their invited artists alongside the successful selected submissions. 

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ROI Annual show, 2013

This year the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI), will be showing a more recent Venice painting of Andrew’s in their annual Christmas exhibition at the Mall Galleries in Central London.

Venice, Oil on canvas
Venice, Oil on canvas

From Riva Ca di Dio

We’re looking forward to the preview as this is always a very festive occasion with very witty guest speakers.

The addition of Christmas lights make any city sparkle and the view down the Mall to Buckingham Palace, across St James Park and over to Westminster is wonderful.

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