Mall Galleries – new online gallery

For many years The Mall Galleries have actively supported both established and emerging artists offering a wonderful space in Central London where various exhibitions take place.

More recently they have set up a new online gallery to showcase many of the regular contributors to their exhibitions and we were delighted to have been invited to have some of Andrew Holmes’ works included. He submitted a few paintings from his studies of bathers and dogs in water and below are a couple of examples their curator selected.

boy bathing IV – Oil – 40cm x40cm
Sunday – Oil – 50cm x 50 cm

Home to the Federation of British Artists, (FBA),  the Mall Galleries space is very well designed and in a fabulous location in the heart of Central London – situated on the Mall – next to Admiralty Arch and Trafalgar Square, opposite St James Park and with stunning views down the Mall to Buckingham Palace, across to Westminster and the London Eye.

The variety of exhibitions held at the Mall Galleries showcase traditional techniques along with more contemporary and dynamic works. They provide helpful advice and an informed service for collectors, together with valuable support for artists.

dog carrying stick – oil on board – 40cm x 40cm

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‘dog with stick in dark water’

 Oil on paper 57x76cm

The Panter and Hall Gallery, located in Pall Mall, London, SW1, have just received an additional painting of a Dog swimming by Andrew Holmes . 

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Studies of Water – Painted in Oils

The more recent series of Andrew Holmes’s studies of “water with dog swimming” are nearing completion.

These paintings make up part of a larger body of work which Andrew has been focusing on over the past few months, covering the subject of ‘water and swimmers’ in a variety of spaces and locations.

dark water - oil on panel - 50 x 40cm
dark water – oil on panel – 50 x 40cm

When Andrew approaches each painting, a different challenge is presented. In particular, this is true when abstracting the darker water in the image dark water (above), where he seeks to summarise the amount of painted information that is needed.

dog swimming with stick, oil on panel, 60 x 80cm

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Paints – Less can be more

Experimental abstracted painting can develop into stand alone works.

Behind many finished artworks lies a number of preparatory pieces made prior to commencing a body of work, to practice and study how paint moves using new or different techniques and procedures.

Developing as a painter is an ongoing process and an important part of the journey is to challenge and experiment with how paint can be applied and manipulated onto a surface. Before commencing a new group of paintings Andrew will often work on abstract studies and paintings in preparation for the finished representational pieces.

ABHolmes, oil on paper, untitled-14, 41 x 51cm
ABHolmes, oil on paper, alchemist, 50 x 65cm

As discussed previously, Andrew frequently explores any number of mediums and surfaces to gain a better understanding of the possibilities these have to offer. This exercise has two benefits. Firstly, to ‘get his head into the right space’ – particularly useful after completing a commercial project – and secondly, it supports his core interest of expanding his techniques to communicate ideas and aesthetics.

ABHolmes, untitled-06, 30 x 42cm

By using a limited palette the process can focus simply on mark making, and using black and white tonal painting has been Andrew’s traditional choice. While he tends to avoid the added considerations that colour brings, this study made in red not only shows a refreshing break in the monotone sketches but highlights how effective and powerful the use of colour can be.

ABHolmes, oil on paper, untitled-04, 57 x 76cm
ABHolmes, oil on paper, untitled-04, 57 x 76cm

During this period of experimentation the studio can resemble more of a laboratory with so many pots, brushes, tools and materials scattered and piled up on worktops, floor and shelves – and cleaning up afterwards can be a daunting task!

ABHolmes, oil on paper, untitled-10, 30 x 42cm
oil on paper, untitled-07, 57 x 76cm

The experimental pieces shown here were made directly before Andrew produced a small series of figurative paintings. In this piece below, a dog on paper, the use of some of these abstract techniques provided a route into achieving the background textures and brushwork.

Dog with stick, oil on paper, 56 x76cm SOLD

 Andrew works with a view to developing simple marks in his painting, to articulate a natural expression. His aim is for these now to become less complex and more fluent stand alone pieces.

ABHolmes, oil on paper, untitled-11, 30 x 42cm

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Dog in Water – on paper

Horace – a best friend’s dog

August was dedicated to exploring with paints on different substrates, primarily paper and the studio walls were filled to capacity.

Many artists agree that the finished product is rarely what they set out to create and there is an inevitable frustration with this. They need to continually test themselves, to learn and to improve their control of the medium. Often many complain they have overworked a piece as it “dies” in front of them.

Andrew decided he would develop some earlier ideas for Horace swimming in the Thames. (Horace, belonged to good friends and had striking black and white markings).

dog swimming, oil on wood panel, 50x50cm (Sold)



Dog fetching, oil on wood panel, 40x 40cm
dog fetching, oil on wood panel, 40x 40cm (sold)

The paintings on wood panel were rendered in a familiar way and Andrew then employed some techniques from the work he had explored earlier to produce this final piece on paper.

Studying the same subject clearly connects a body of work but also offers some clarity between the style and the execution.

dog and stick, oil on paper, 56 x 76cm (sold)


Andrew finds these examinations create more questions than answers.

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