Mall Galleries – new online gallery

For many years The Mall Galleries have actively supported both established and emerging artists offering a wonderful space in Central London where various exhibitions take place.

More recently they have set up a new online gallery to showcase many of the regular contributors to their exhibitions and we were delighted to have been invited to have some of Andrew Holmes’ works included. He submitted a few paintings from his studies of bathers and dogs in water and below are a couple of examples their curator selected.

boy bathing IV – Oil – 40cm x40cm
Sunday – Oil – 50cm x 50 cm

Home to the Federation of British Artists, (FBA),  the Mall Galleries space is very well designed and in a fabulous location in the heart of Central London – situated on the Mall – next to Admiralty Arch and Trafalgar Square, opposite St James Park and with stunning views down the Mall to Buckingham Palace, across to Westminster and the London Eye.

The variety of exhibitions held at the Mall Galleries showcase traditional techniques along with more contemporary and dynamic works. They provide helpful advice and an informed service for collectors, together with valuable support for artists.

dog carrying stick – oil on board – 40cm x 40cm

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New figurative studies

 White Dresses and Generic girls

To celebrate a new year, here’s a selection of  Andrew Holmes life paintings he’s developed over the past few months.

The ‘white dress figures’ are first painted as full life studies and Andrew then overpaints a simple white shape to highlight the form and contrasts between the soft and sharp surfaces.

untitled figure 7 - oil on canvas - 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 7 – oil on canvas – 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 06 - oil on canvas - 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 06 – oil on canvas – 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 05 Oil on paper 76cm x57cm
untitled figure 05 Oil on paper 76cm x57cm

In particular, the works are rooted in Andrew’s interest in aesthetics and how an image affects us on a more emotional level.

Using a limited palette for the ‘white dress figures’ he wants these informal  poses to flow and invites the viewer to take a closer look.

Whereas in the generic series (below), these are not as obviously sensual but seemingly frozen, isolated, squared on to the canvas and confronting the audience.

Generic girls
Generic girl in black -oil on panel -76cm x 57cm
Generic girl in white - oil on panel - 80cm x 60cm
Generic girl in white – oil on panel – 80cm x 60cm

Some artists use greens as a colour for underpainting skin tones and Andrew liked the idea that, similar to applying make-up, this could be used as a suggestion of camouflage.

In either group, substrates, textures and colours have been used to differing effect. In Generic Girls the ghostly pallor in girl in black or broken green and brown patina on girl in white’s skin and use of heavier paintwork in the dress, is designed to make the viewing remote and less comfortable.

Commercially, generic forms are employed to target larger audiences and Andrew’s background in providing imagery in this field makes him very aware of the power of this subtle use for psychological messaging.

Girl in blue - oil on paper -76cm x 58cm
Girl in blue – oil on paper -76cm x 58cm

In the faces and body poses Andrew intended to offer an oblique familiarity. Using a combination of his own sketches and references, he continues to explore different techniques and further examine the power of this language. 

untitled figure 9- oil on canvas - 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 9- oil on canvas – 51cm x 41cm

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What’s in a name

I am a doughnut –

Food and cake paintings provide a rich source of inspiration and this subject is where Andrew Holmes is perhaps better known.

Whilst Andrew plans a series of paintings under an initial group title, it is  during the process where he then determines how this will be reflected and when individual titles are attributed.

a rose is a rose is a doughnut -122 x 152 cm - Oil on canvas
a rose is a rose is a doughnut -122 x 152 cm – Oil on canvas

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Gondolas at the Alexander Gallery

A few Classic views of Venice are now exhibiting in Bath over the coming months.

Gallery owner Peter Slade recently commissioned more work featuring Venice for his winter show and he dropped by to collect four new paintings from Andrew earlier this week.

Gondolas and mooring posts - oil on canvas - 60cm x 80cm
Gondolas and mooring posts – oil on canvas – 60cm x 80cm

When revisiting a subject, Andrew’s approach is to bring together new ideas developed in other areas he studies to his current work.

The exercise of exploring alternative subjects can expand and refresh the mind. This provides an opportunity to review and investigate both the way Andrew advances newer paint techniques, whilst considering the objectives of earlier interpretations.

evening return - oil on canvas 60 x 80cm
evening return – oil on canvas 60 x 80cm SOLD

Within the larger and more traditional pieces the informal areas of paint often achieve more clarity and is a source Andrew will then go on to develop in abstract form.

from Riva degli Schiavoni to San Giorgio Maggiore – oil on canvas – detail – SOLD

Venice overwhelms us with the it’s unique and fascinating atmosphere. In the smaller painting waking gondolas – below, Andrew’s composition discernibly shows evidence of his interest with the more abstract frame of reference. This quiet place, set to one side, offers a peaceful, uncomplicated space and by employing a limited palette with less complex brushwork he hopes this study provides the narrative.

waking gondolas - oil on canvas - 38cm x 46cm
waking gondolas – oil on canvas – 38cm x 46cm


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New Work – lighting the dark

Further studies of bathers.

Andrew Holmes figurative work is further developing his enquiry into observations of life subjects in relation to a space and has continued with more abstract examination using contrasts and the consequent effect.

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The Blackheath Gallery


Over Several years, a selection of Andrew Holmes works have been exhibited with  Gallerist James Corless, at the Blackheath Gallery, near Greenwich.

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Democratic Beach

AB Holmes – searcher – Oil on Panel, 40cm x 50cm

The Jack House Gallery in Old Portsmouth previewed a new exhibition this week featuring Andrew Holmes Bathers and Studies in Water.

Sunday boys, oil on panel, 40cm x 40cm
bathers sketch IV. charcoal &acrylic on layered mylar. 31cm x 41cm

Timed to co-incide with the opening day of the America’s Cup Challenge, the area was teeming with yachtsman and sailing enthusiasts, the water awash with sailsDespite some inclement weather we hope everyone enjoyed the events that took place and congratulate the teams for their determination.

Old Town, Portsmouth’s heritage and legacy is rooted in the dockyard, known for the early convict resettlement ships and the port where Nelson set sail for the battle of Trafalgar.

In recognition of the first Convict resettlement ship leaving Portsmouth Harbour

The Cathedral, tucked away behind the sea wall was first constructed in the 12th century, the original spire doubling as a lighthouse. Now a substantial building after several adaptations and additions – well worth a visit while in the area.


Portsmouth was the the birthplace of both the writer Charles Dickens and the actor Peter Sellars. Not forgetting fellow artist and good friend, Aldo Balding – )

Bather II – oil on panel – 40cm x 40cm

As an artist, collaborating with new Gallerists requires traveling to previously unexplored places. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning more about this town and meeting the people in the area.

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