21st National Open Art Exhibition – 2017

Andrew is very pleased to hear that a still life he painted earlier this year – ‘Portrait of a Lemon Meringue’  – is to be included in the NOA, (National Open Art), 2017 Exhibition.

Professional and amateur artists aged 15 and over have submitted works in a variety of mediums and each entry has been judged anonymously, making the competition one of the most democratic in the UK and Ireland operating today.

Overall, this exhibition has a strong contemporary style. However, more conventional pieces sit well within the show.  This diversity in the range of works selected provides an interesting view on where the process of combining traditional techniques with a more explorative approach can offer new ideas. Bridging these areas of study has always held Andrew’s interest, when developing his abstract, figurative and still life pieces.

Portrait of a Lemon Meringue – 60cm x 60cm – Framed

The finalists works will now go on to be exhibited in the 21st National Open Art Exhibition at The Bargehouse Galleries, Oxo Tower Wharf on Southbank in London this Autumn.

The Oxo Tower Wharf is an award-winning, landmark building situated on the riverside walkway part of London’s fast moving South Bank and Bankside areas. This vast, untouched four-storey industrial building is a wonderful destination – home to over 30 innovative contemporary design studios, shops, cafés, bars and restaurants with breathtaking river views – and so well worth exploring.

Bargehouse -Oxo Tower

A programme of events will be taking place during the exhibition with collaborations between NOA Vice President Gavin Turk and Deborah Turk’s House of Fairy Tales along with Be Smart About Art, Explore Learning and more to be announced.

The 21st National Open Art Exhibition opens at the Bargehouse Galleries,  Oxo Tower Wharf Southbank London | 17 – 26 November 2017.

To view more of the works in the exhibition, please see: http://www.nationalopenart.org/gallery.php?2017-Exhibition-15

Andrew Holmes – Portrait of a Lemon Meringuehttp://www.nationalopenart.org/gallery2.php?as=1&Portrait-of-Lemon-Meringue-22969


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The Pose: Recent Life Sketches

Over the past few months, Andrew Holmes has been further developing his figure drawings.

Andrew B Holmes – Life sketch – 01_4

When possible, Andrew enjoys joining a life drawing group as this provides an opportunity to share the same space and ideas with other artists.

Based in West London, the sessions attract an eclectic and multinational group of people from a wide variety of professions and backgrounds. All have varied styles and skills and nobody is there to cast judgement.


Short five or ten minute poses start the evening off, allowing the artists to focus.  Andrew says it is helpful initially to look for the basic shapes when time is limited. These are very useful short studies and frequently this time restriction can produce livelier work than the longer thirty-minute sessions.


In addition, models can adopt more challenging poses over a short period without drifting from their initial position; holding a physical shape over a half hour requires a sitter to have considerable stamina and the artists appreciate this.


Some models are students or budding actors who use the sessions to help build confidence, but others choose to sit for drawing purely because they share an interest in art.




Andrew’s practice is centred on an interest in painting and a curiosity in how contextualisation influences our perception and intellectual judgement of art.

      These sketches form part of the preparatory work he hopes to discuss in more depth soon.

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Mall Galleries – new online gallery

For many years The Mall Galleries have actively supported both established and emerging artists offering a wonderful space in Central London where various exhibitions take place.

More recently they have set up a new online gallery to showcase many of the regular contributors to their exhibitions and we were delighted to have been invited to have some of Andrew Holmes’ works included. He submitted a few paintings from his studies of bathers and dogs in water and below are a couple of examples their curator selected.

boy bathing IV – Oil – 40cm x40cm
Sunday – Oil – 50cm x 50 cm

Home to the Federation of British Artists, (FBA),  the Mall Galleries space is very well designed and in a fabulous location in the heart of Central London – situated on the Mall – next to Admiralty Arch and Trafalgar Square, opposite St James Park and with stunning views down the Mall to Buckingham Palace, across to Westminster and the London Eye.

The variety of exhibitions held at the Mall Galleries showcase traditional techniques along with more contemporary and dynamic works. They provide helpful advice and an informed service for collectors, together with valuable support for artists.

dog carrying stick – oil on board – 40cm x 40cm

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and to view Andrew Holmes works , please see:


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A Tarte and some Cherries at the Frivoli Gallery

A new series of cherry paintings by Andrew Holmes together with tarte au fraise completed earlier in the year helped to set this years festive scene.

In the busy rush up to Christmas, the window at the Frivoli Gallery, located in the popular Devonshire Terrace area of Chiswick, West London – mentioned in earlier posts – was decorated with a seasonal theme of rich reds, golds and burgundy hues. We were very happy to supply a selection of Andrew’s still life paintings to help create this years theme.

morning cherries - 33 x 46cm - oil on canvas (Sold)
morning cherries – 33 x 46cm – oil on canvas (Sold)
cherries row - 33 x 46cm - oil on canvas (sold)
cherries row – 33 x 46cm – oil on canvas (sold)
cherries 02 - oil on canvas - 40 x 40cm
cherries 02 – oil on canvas – 40 x 40cm

The cherry subjects were drawn from a variety of compositions, and include studies on both canvas and paper – framed behind glass. As a small body of works, these paintings provide an opportunity to create partner pieces and to explore more individual studies within the collection as a whole.

tarte au fraise - 40 x 50cm - oil on Canvas
tarte au fraise – 40 x 50cm – oil on Canvas

Tarte au fraise set a vibrant coloured focal point which certainly drew the eye.

To see Andrew’s work displayed in a gallery window is always a huge complement and we understand that the paintings have been well received.

cherries 01 - 40 x 40cm - oil on canvas
cherries 01 – 40 x 40cm – oil on canvas

For more information regarding any of Andrew Holmes work currently showing with the Gallery, please follow the link to the Frivoli Gallery : http://www.frivoligallery.com/andrew_holmes.php

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‘The Cakes are Back’ – at the Alexander Gallery in Bath

Together with some of this year’s figure studies.

Andrew Holmes cake paintings have been well-received in Bath, a beautiful, historic city with an abundance of tea shops and varied eateries. He painted Aphrodite and Adonis and I am a donut earlier in the year and they are making their debut in a location which feels very appropriate.

Aphrodite and Adonis – oil on panel – 28ins x 40ins

The owner of the Alexander Gallery recently forwarded a photograph of a few of Andrew’s works which he’d placed in the window of the gallery, providing an eye-catching and welcoming winter display.

untitled figure 7 - oil on canvas - 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 7 – oil on canvas – 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 9- oil on canvas - 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 9- oil on canvas – 51cm x 41cm

A selection of the girls in white dress series is exhibiting alongside the cakes over the winter season as well. We are thrilled to see how well the artworks complement each other in this elegant setting.

These studies exemplify Andrew’s interest in how a contemporary approach to traditional style combines with the context of how we perceive and appreciate aesthetics.

cake cake more cake - 70 x 100cm - oil on panel
cake cake more cake – 70 x 100cm – oil on panel

The gallery in Bath is in an excellent location, central for visitors to enjoy the wonderful architecture Bath offers and browse the shops, together with such a rich and abundant choice of good places to eat.

I am a doughnut -oil on panel - 61cm x 81cm
I am a doughnut -oil on panel – 61cm x 81cm SOLD

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Royal Institute of OiI Painters – 2016 Exhibition

AB Holmes – searcher, Oil on Panel, 40cm x 50cm

Opening next week at the Mall Galleries in Central London, the Royal Institute of OiI Painters (ROI) will be showing this year’s selection of members’ paintings  together with just over one hundred pieces chosen from the open submission to be included in the exhibition. The selections were made earlier in the autumn.

Andrew Holmes’s painting of a bather – searcher – will be showing in this year’s selection and we were delighted to receive this notification. The Mall Galleries offers a wonderful exhibition space, benefitting from recently refurbishment including a raised ceiling and lighting system which provides visitors an excellent opportunity to view the artworks at their best. To add to the experience, the gallery is located in a most beautiful area of London.

It’s always lovely to have an excuse to drop by and especially to enjoy the stunning christmas lights London has on display at this time of the year. However, we’re particularly looking forward to visiting the Preview on the evening of the 29th, as we will be joined by good friends, artists Aldo Balding and Sarah Spence, who also have paintings selected to be in the exhibition.

To view Aldo’s painting please see: http://www.mallgalleries.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/royal-institute-oil-painters-annual-exhibition-2016/refracted-light

Sarah has two paintings in this exhibition, please see: http://www.mallgalleries.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/royal-institute-oil-painters-annual-exhibition-2016/tea-for-two


The ROI is a long established Art Institution with many well-known artists listed in their membership and this exhibition allows the members to further engage with and encourage new artists. They say:

“The Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition has a well earned reputation for attracting highly exciting young exhibitors, alongside the much admired, more established member artists. This year the trend will continue, with new artists and new discoveries waiting to be made.

The exhibition is open from November 30th to the 11th of December gives visitors the opportunity to see the many and varied ways in which artists use oil paint today, from a traditional approach to this highly technical media through to more innovative uses of material, style and content.”

For more information regarding all the artwork showing over the following 10 days please see:


AB Holmes-searcher, Oil on Panel, 40cm x 50cm
AB Holmes-searcher, Oil on Panel, 40cm x 50cm – SOLD

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An Exhibition of Small Works – ING Discerning Eye 2016

Untitled AP12 (White head and dress)

The selectors of Andrew Holmes’ paintings showing in this years Discerning Eye Exhibition were finally revealed at the Artists Preview evening on Thursday the 17th November. Two pieces of work by Andrew were chosen to be included, each by the two artists who were on the selectors panel: Dan Coombes and Chris Orr, RA.

Andrew’s painting; Untitled AP12 (White head and dress), features on Chris Orr’s pages in the catalogue next to Gormley’s Dog by Michael Barrett and Helen Davidson’s Little Sprats (Great White) – an excellent example of how different styles can sit so well together. Please see: http://www.discerningeye.org/archive/2016/2016_9.php

This years exhibition includes the largest selection of artworks ever accepted. Out of over two thousand submitted works, there were a total of seven hundred and twenty-four pieces by four hundred and three artists exhibited.  So the Gallery was ‘packed to the gunnels’ with artists and visitors. Although difficult at times to stand back to view the overall hanging, because the size of any submitted piece was limited, this allowed most work enough access to view individually.

ING Discerning Eye Exhibition Preview
ING Discerning Eye Exhibition Preview

We may also try to make a second visit when a little quieter!

Dan Coombes selected only one piece from any artist and he made an engaging speech, stressing the importance of the inclusive approach this exhibition has and so Andrew was very pleased to see Woman in white dress on his wall.

AB Holmes - Untitled AP12 - Oil on Paper - 41cm x 31cm SOLD
AB Holmes – Untitled AP12 – Oil on Paper – 41cm x 31cm SOLD

What was clear about the overall show is how very varied and interesting the artworks were and how well the curation and hanging complimented these.


For further information, please check the ING Discerning Eye 2016 gallery at: http://www.discerningeye.org/archive/2016/2016_10.php

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