rock pool bathers - oil on panel - 50cm x 60cm

New Work – lighting the dark

Further studies of bathers.

Andrew Holmes figurative work is further developing his enquiry into observations of life subjects in relation to a space and has continued with more abstract examination using contrasts and the consequent effect.

What we see, or chose to focus on is unique to each individual and why or how the aesthetic appeals or not continues to fascinate Andrew.

Andrew has been working with various components of an image and by employing a variety of elements, these have provided a new and intriguing thread of thought. In abstracting an image Andrew finds he can gain an alternative appreciation of the more relevant aspects, specifically in connection to the surrounding location and how this bears relevance to an image.

Some freedom from the usual constraints of the more traditional approach combines Andrew’s interest in both the conceptual and the more conventional methods of expression.

This recent painting – rock pool bathers – is one of several works which will be showing later this month.  

rock pool bathers - oil on panel - 50cm x 60cm

rock pool bathers – oil on panel – 50cm x 60cm

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Eyot - Oil on canvas (Sold)

The Blackheath Gallery


Over Several years, a selection of Andrew Holmes works have been exhibited with  Gallerist James Corless, at the Blackheath Gallery, near Greenwich.

James opened the gallery in 1975 mainly to showcase his own work plus that of a small group of artists who’s work he admired. Over its 40 years the gallery has gained an impressive reputation for showing work of a very high standard and attracts artists submissions from all over the globe.

Andrew was delighted to have been invited to join them, initially showing Venice subjects:

Salute-Impressions 24" x24" (Sold)

Salute-Impressions 40cm x 40cm (Sold)


San Marco side Ponte dell Accademia – 40cm x 40cm (Sold)


May-dawn-on-the-Grand-Canal – 40cm x55cm (Sold)

Andrew Holmes cherry paintings exhibited with The Blackheath Gallery.

cherries-in-dappled-light ( Sold Blackheath)

Cherries in dappled light – oil on canvas – 50cm x 50cm, (Sold)

bowl-of-cherries ( Sold  Blackheath)-I

bowl of cherries I ( Sold )

James also exhibited several landscape works by Andrew, in particular a local scene of the Eyot  a landmark on the Thames in Chiswick and one of Andrew’s favourite pieces.

Eyot - Oil on canvas (Sold)

Eyot – Oil on canvas (Sold)

The Gallery also holds an impressive folio of original prints. Including an eclectic range of work from 20 and 21st Century greats such as Pablo Picasso, Jean Miro, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, and Gary Hume.

Last Autumn the space was extended and has recently re-opened.

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Grand Canal - entrance

Grand Canal – entrance – 50cm x 50cm (Sold)

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AB Holmes-searcher, Oil on Panel, 40cm x 50cm

Democratic Beach

AB Holmes – searcher – Oil on Panel, 40cm x 50cm

The Jack House Gallery in Old Portsmouth previewed a new exhibition this week featuring Andrew Holmes Bathers and Studies in Water.


Sunday, oil on panel, 50cm x 50cm


Sunday boys, oil on panel, 40cm x 40cm

Timed to co-incide with the opening day of the America’s Cup Challenge, the area was teeming with yachtsman and sailing enthusiasts, the water awash with sailsDespite some inclement weather we hope everyone enjoyed the events that took place and congratulate the teams for their determination.

Old Town, Portsmouth’s heritage and legacy is rooted in the dockyard, known for the early convict resettlement ships and the port where Nelson set sail for the battle of Trafalgar.


In recognition of the first Convict resettlement ship leaving Portsmouth Harbour

The Cathedral, tucked away behind the sea wall was first constructed in the 12th century, the original spire doubling as a lighthouse. Now a substantial building after several adaptations and additions – well worth a visit while in the area.


Portsmouth was the the birthplace of both the writer Charles Dickens and the actor Peter Sellars. Not forgetting fellow artist and good friend, Aldo Balding – )


Bather II – oil on panel – 40cm x 40cm

As an artist, collaborating with new Gallerists requires traveling to previously unexplored places. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning more about this town and meeting the people in the area.

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bathers sketch VII, Charcoal and acrylic on layers of mylar, 31cm  x 41cm

Works on Paper – bathers

Over recent months, Andrew has further explored some earlier ideas of bathers on paper.

 Initially only intended to be studies for the bather subjects on panel, as Andrew explored various mediums, this became an interesting process where several pieces have evolved into “stand alone” works.

bathers sketch IV. charcoal & acrylic on layered mylar. 31cm x 41cm

bathers sketch IV. charcoal and acrylic on layered mylar. 31cm x 41cm

bathers sketch VI, charcoal & acrylic on layered mylar, 31cm x 41cm

bathers sketch VI, charcoal & acrylic on layered mylar, 31cm x 41cm

Andrew explains briefly why he is interested in this subject, and about the work, below:

“Observing a group bathers is, to me, a representation of how we can interact, both with each other and with nature. On the fringe of our world we push just slightly into the unknown space of the ocean. It’s a place where, for a short time, we can leave the material “stuff of life” behind, and simply enjoy the company of family and friends, or spend time alone to reflect. If we enter the sea on our own or break off for a few minutes from the group, we can swim a little, float, walk or stand and there, in isolation, have nothing impinge from the outside into our thoughts. It can offer the chance for reflection or dreams, perhaps a neutral state where we can spiritually relax too”.
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Pear - oil on canvas board.

An old Pear

A quick oil sketch

Several years ago, after Andrew had worked through the night and following day to complete a commercial project, his daughter aged eight at the time, decided he needed some sustenance.

She dropped this rather tired pear in front of an exhausted parent just as he was chewing over the work/life balance.

He can’t remember why, but with a few old oil paints on one side, he decided to sketch this out.

Pear - oil on canvas board.

Pear – oil on canvas board.

It didn’t take long to paint, and despite the odd bruise, was then dutifully eaten.

The pear sketch is now dressed in among the bookshelves as a sweet memory.

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boy bathing V - oil on panel  - 40cm sq

Jack House Gallery

Owner and Art Curator, Rebecca Crow opened the Jack House Gallery this weekend in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK .

The new, Contemporary Art Gallery situated in the Old Town area, close to the Cathedral and just set back from the waterfront, launched their first show on Saturday 4th of April with works by the much travelled artist, Amartey Golding. 

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Morning, 40cm sq - oil on panel

“Morning” bather called in for the RA Summer selection

“Morning” has been called in to the Royal Academy for the second stage of the selection process for the forthcoming annual Summer Exhibition.

Andrew is drawn to the subjects of water and bathers, in particular because the light, layers and content can offer him the opportunity to represent these in a natural, understated manner.


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