Two Artists’ Previews and an Award

Last week, Andrew attended the Artists’ Previews for the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, as well as the final selection of works from The National Open Art Competition (NOAC) at The BargeHouse, Southbank.

ING Discerning Art – Artists Preview
Artist, Gavin Turk’s speech and awards at the NOAC 2017

Both exhibitions include works from a broad range of mediums and this definitely adds to their dynamics, providing the visitor with a rich and varied experience, and we were pleased to see that both previews were very well attended.

At the Discerning Eye Exhibition, if successful in getting work accepted, one can then look forward to visiting and discovering which selector has chosen the pieces and how these are displayed. It is always intriguing and, this year, two sketches, ‘Taya’ and ‘Auba’, were selected by one of the collectors, Ellen Bertrams whilst the artist, Anne Magill, chose Andrew’s piece ‘Untitled figure (sketch 01A)’.

ING Discerning Eye – selection from Art Critic – Ellen Betrams
ING Discerning Eye – Selection from Artist – Anne Magill

Interestingly, Discerning Eye are one of the few shows who do not advise the artists of any awards prior to the exhibition, therefore, Andrew was equally surprised and delighted to discover that his ‘Study of Taya’ had been selected for the ‘London and South East Regional Prize’.  He’s extremely honoured to have had his work chosen from so many very accomplished pieces.

Taya sketch- Oil on paper – 41cm x 31cm SOLD

Inevitably, the diversity of work provides an inspiring environment. The artists enjoy meeting up at these events: the chance to celebrate all their hard work – often undertaken in isolation – allows for an exchange of experiences and much discussion on the work, the process and their frustrations!  It is a great opportunity to encourage the further development of their skills and ideas.

The paintings Andrew has been exhibiting in these two shows are representational studies of individual subjects. Each piece is based on his intuitive observations where he explores these ideas in the application and painting techniques. On close inspection, the hand of Andrew’s work is evident in all these paintings. However, where the execution is looser and less finished in the study pieces – shown here in his human figurative work – by their nature these become more enigmatic. Andrew hopes to achieve an ambiguity in the sketches; his aim is to examine our initial reactions to any of his figurative work. How we view aesthetic elements and respond differently are key elements in Andrew’s process which he constantly refers back to, in particular, considering the role of context.

The 21st NOAC venue this year is fabulous. Laid out over several floors, each space has an individual style and the excellent hanging of pieces most certainly deserves a mention. Alongside the show they are running a range of very interesting events and workshops throughout the week. Andrew’s ‘Lemon Meringue’ is beautifully displayed alongside ‘Pear’ by Tif Hunter, ‘Dusk I and II’ by Grace Ayson, ‘Forest Trail 1’ by Belinda Bailey and two small oil painting on boards by Fiona Bradford to name just a few, but there really is so much more to see here.

Andrew Holmes painting of ‘Lemon Meringue’ shown hanging in Room 7 at the BargeHouse Gallery

A particularly special element of the NOAC is the Under 16’s category. There are few opportunities for this age group to participate alongside the major shows and the artwork selected is quite remarkable, beautifully observed and utterly charming.

NOAC Small selection of Under 16’s Category
‘Pearl’ by Molly Bulmer aged 12 yrs and ‘Tiger’ by Claudia Scholes aged 4 yrs.

The Graduate Prize went to Harriet Fawcett for her Photographic piece ‘Ersatz 2017’, a focus on the decline of the bumblebee and this was very well deserved.

Entrance to each of these venues is free and they are well worth visiting as the work available to view has been selected by panels of accomplished artists, gallerists, collectors and critics, and is easily comparable with the exhibits in the RA Summer Show – a view supported by the critic, Simon Tait (please see links below).

However, there are only a few days remaining to visit these exhibitions as the two shows will be closing at 5pm on Sunday 26th November.

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A Tarte and some Cherries at the Frivoli Gallery

A new series of cherry paintings by Andrew Holmes together with tarte au fraise completed earlier in the year helped to set this years festive scene.

In the busy rush up to Christmas, the window at the Frivoli Gallery, located in the popular Devonshire Terrace area of Chiswick, West London – mentioned in earlier posts – was decorated with a seasonal theme of rich reds, golds and burgundy hues. We were very happy to supply a selection of Andrew’s still life paintings to help create this years theme.

morning cherries - 33 x 46cm - oil on canvas (Sold)
morning cherries – 33 x 46cm – oil on canvas (Sold)
cherries row - 33 x 46cm - oil on canvas (sold)
cherries row – 33 x 46cm – oil on canvas (sold)
cherries 02 - oil on canvas - 40 x 40cm
cherries 02 – oil on canvas – 40 x 40cm

The cherry subjects were drawn from a variety of compositions, and include studies on both canvas and paper – framed behind glass. As a small body of works, these paintings provide an opportunity to create partner pieces and to explore more individual studies within the collection as a whole.

tarte au fraise - 40 x 50cm - oil on Canvas
tarte au fraise – 40 x 50cm – oil on Canvas

Tarte au fraise set a vibrant coloured focal point which certainly drew the eye.

To see Andrew’s work displayed in a gallery window is always a huge complement and we understand that the paintings have been well received.

cherries 01 - 40 x 40cm - oil on canvas
cherries 01 – 40 x 40cm – oil on canvas

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Waffle and doughnuts,..

A couple of weeks before the festive break we delivered a selection of Andrew Holmes’s still life works to the Fairfax Gallery in Royal Tunbridge Wells, a spa town dating back to Roman times.

The gallery is located in the Pantiles – an elegant colonnaded walkway situated in the centre of the town and where the spa can be found. These flagstone and cobbled streets offer an abundance of coffee shops, designer outlets, a champagne bar and a wonderfully equipped kitchen shop. And so it felt very fitting for some of the larger studies of cakes and pastries to be exhibiting there.


This area was made popular in the 17th century when it became a fashionable destination as a drinking spa. The practice of taking the waters for health reasons grew in popularity amongst the nobility during the reign of Elizabeth I and continues to attract a great many visitors to this day.

Waffle - OIl on Canvas - 32" x 40"
Waffle – OIl on Canvas – 32″ x 40″

Based in a beautiful period building the Fairfax Gallery exhibits a range of contemporary artworks and the interesting architecture adds to and  complements the modern pieces. In particular, the exhibition space is well designed with a bright and open layout providing ample room to view all the artworks.

a rose is a rose is a doughnut -122cm x 152 cm - Oil on canvas
a rose is a rose is a doughnut -122cm x 152 cm – Oil on canvas SOLD

Andrew’s painting ‘a rose is a rose is a doughnut’ is both a large piece and an unusual subject and we are very happy to see this work making a debut with the gallery.

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‘The Cakes are Back’ – at the Alexander Gallery in Bath

Together with some of this year’s figure studies.

Andrew Holmes cake paintings have been well-received in Bath, a beautiful, historic city with an abundance of tea shops and varied eateries. He painted Aphrodite and Adonis and I am a donut earlier in the year and they are making their debut in a location which feels very appropriate.

Aphrodite and Adonis – oil on panel – 28ins x 40ins

The owner of the Alexander Gallery recently forwarded a photograph of a few of Andrew’s works which he’d placed in the window of the gallery, providing an eye-catching and welcoming winter display.

untitled figure 7 - oil on canvas - 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 7 – oil on canvas – 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 9- oil on canvas - 51cm x 41cm
untitled figure 9- oil on canvas – 51cm x 41cm

A selection of the girls in white dress series is exhibiting alongside the cakes over the winter season as well. We are thrilled to see how well the artworks complement each other in this elegant setting.

These studies exemplify Andrew’s interest in how a contemporary approach to traditional style combines with the context of how we perceive and appreciate aesthetics.

cake cake more cake - 70 x 100cm - oil on panel
cake cake more cake – 70 x 100cm – oil on panel

The gallery in Bath is in an excellent location, central for visitors to enjoy the wonderful architecture Bath offers and browse the shops, together with such a rich and abundant choice of good places to eat.

I am a doughnut -oil on panel - 61cm x 81cm
I am a doughnut -oil on panel – 61cm x 81cm SOLD

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Aubergine Gallery – Wimbledon

A selection of Andrew Holmes still life paintings of cakes are currently showing with The Aubergine Gallery in Wimbledon.

Cherry Ice - oil on paper - 23cm x 29cm
Cherry Ice – oil on paper – 23cm x 29cm
Doughnut II – oil on paper – 30cm x 40cm

Andrew’s cake and food paintings have always been a subject for which he is well known.

Whilst he continues to explore the figurative pieces, he regularly revisits the vocabulary of still life. This provides Andrew some objectivity; a different viewpoint which, in turn, then helps him to examine his interpretation of detail and how his style has been influenced as he progresses.

pin-up in soft focus - oil on canvas - 50cm x 50cm
pin-up in soft focus – oil on canvas – 50cm x 50cm

The works now showing with Aubergine are a selection of the more traditional approach together with his newer, more abstract pieces.

Oil Sketch on Paper 02
Oil Sketch on Paper 02

The Aubergine Gallery lists a number of interesting artists’ work, covering  paintings in oils, acrylics and watercolours, alongside works in glass.

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Thompson’s Gallery – Still, Not Static

For the next couple of weeks Andrew Holmes is showing a small group of cake paintings in Marylebone, Central London.

Devon - 51 x 61cm - oil on canvas
Devon – 51 x 61cm – oil on canvas SOLD

‘Still, Not Static’ includes sculptures by  Andrew Lacey, Johannes Von Stumm and Vanessa Pooley, paintings by Peter Kelly, Terence Clarke and Serena Rowe, to name a few. Tony de Wolf’s detailed work is a development of his studies in the techniques of the Flemish Masters and his paintings have hung beside Andrew’s work in other still life exhibitions.

Andrew is delighted to have been invited to take part in this show.

Thompson’s Gallery was established in 1982 in Aldeburgh, Suffolk by John and Sue Thompson. In 1991 they expanded with an additional gallery in the West End situated on New Cavendish Street between Marylebone High Street and the renowned medical destination of Harley Street.

The ‘Still, Not Static’ exhibition will continue until the end of January 2016

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What’s in a name

I am a doughnut –

Food and cake paintings provide a rich source of inspiration and this subject is where Andrew Holmes is perhaps better known.

Whilst Andrew plans a series of paintings under an initial group title, it is  during the process where he then determines how this will be reflected and when individual titles are attributed.

a rose is a rose is a doughnut -122 x 152 cm - Oil on canvas
a rose is a rose is a doughnut -122 x 152 cm – Oil on canvas

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